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August 25, 2014

Two Great Conferences for the Price of One!

Make your plans TODAY to attend the Entrepreneurship Education Forum in Cincinnati October 10-13. 
Click here for more details. 
Why? For an opportunity you have never had before-

Two Whole Conferences for the Price of One!

Because we are partnering with the MBA Research Conclave, you will have complete access to the full schedule of Forum speakers and the full schedule of Conclave speakers. You can visit exhibitors for both conferences and you can network with attendees from both conferences. And if you register for the Forum before Sept 1, we will include a free ticket to the The Celebration Friday night. What is The Celebration? The Celebration! sponsored by the BGSU College of Business Administration is a celebration of the good work you do every day in your classrooms!  We’re indebted to BGSU for helping make The Celebration! a very special event – no doubt THE social event of October 10 in Cincinnati. The Celebration! welcomes both the business and marketing education community and a diverse audience of leaders in entrepreneurship education participating in the Entrepreneurship Forum. The Celebration! is a not-to-miss networking opportunity celebrating the work you do to help entrepreneurs find success.  Join your friends and colleagues from around the nation – and world – and meet new friends with different experiences to share! Join us for the 2014 The Celebration! at the top of the tower in the Millennium:  Stellar views of Cincinnati, music, hors d’oeuvres, and a libation or two.  No bus. No long walk.  No special dress.  Simply take the elevator to the top to get your evening started.

Ticket required: 

Free ticket included with paid Forum registrations received by Sept 1

$29 for conference registrants

$49 for guests not registered for the conference



If the promise of two conferences for the price of one and the offer of The Celebration doesn’t convince you, how about this partial list of speakers?


2 Preconference Sessions Friday morning – Separate Registration


Carol Topp, CPA is the author of Micro Business for Teens. She has encouraged thousands of teenagers to start and run a micro business and earn money while they learn a lot. Carol has authored 10 books, hosts a podcast called the Dollars and Sense Show, speaks across the country and was the host of the public television program Starting a Micro Business. She tries to make challenging topics like business and taxes easy to understand. She's up for a challenge! 

Session Description: You're busy in the classroom and cannot keep up with the ever-changing world of business and tax changes. Let Carol Topp, CPA explain what happened in the business world while you were teaching. Topics include: business structures, income tax, sales tax, crowd-funding and accounting software that entrepreneurs will love. She considers it a personal challenge to make business and taxes clear, easy-to-understand and even enjoyable. Let's see if she can do it!


April Jones, from Generation E, has thirteen years experience as a middle school teacher, where she has taught integrated computer/ technology, literacy and entrepreneurship/career classes. For the Battle Creek Public School District, April has been a curriculum developer, writer and trainer for several of the classes now being taught. April has taught classes using the Generation E curriculum and has started over two hundred student-run businesses. April currently works with the Generation E program, developing additions to the current curricula.   She is a certified trainer, a teacher mentor and is working with communities throughout the state to expand their entrepreneurship education programs. April is the also the manager for the Annual Student Business Showcase.

Session Description- Attendees will be guided through the process of discovering who are successful entrepreneurs and business leaders in their community. Youth will develop the skill sets needed to conduct a successful interviewing experience whereby they gain knowledge about entrepreneurial leaders in their community. Those skill sets include listening skills, introductory skills, written skills, proper eye contact, table manners, email etiquette, and much more.  Active learning creates the ideal scenario for gaining knowledge that will be remembered. Participants will learn and practice these skills as they prepare for the end of the presentation: the opportunity to interview some of Cincinnati’s top business leaders.

Every participant will receive a complete set of guidelines for this activity and suggestions for optimal implementation. Learn how to design, practice, and implement a dynamic interviewing process that is fun, informative, and duplicable. This process will develop lasting relationships between youth and community.


An exciting regular conference agenda:


Keynote from Dave Knox, Founder of The Brandery, an exciting Cincinnati start-up accelerator


Sessions from:

Consortium Board Member Ronni Cohen on JOLT (Just Ordinary Little Tricks) on teaching creative thinking

Consortium Treasurer and Godfather, Horace Robertson on the Roadmap to Entrepreneurship software

Mike Gibbons, President of the National Restaurant Association Education Foundation and restaurant owner on recognizing opportunity

Gary Schoeniger, co-author of Who Owns the Ice House? on the Ice House entrepreneurial curriculum. He is so good he is doing a quick stop and a full session, then a book signing! (Buy one or being your copy!)




- Jeff James, Mythology Marketing on reinventing an organization (one you may be familiar with)

- Kevin Moore on the Entrepreneurial Mindset and the Digital Entrepreneur

- Doug Arthur and a local principal on Entrepreneurial Academies

- A panel of two high schools, one from Tennessee and one from Georgia on innovative ways they are going BIG in entrepreneurship education.

 -Jodi Woodruff from the Met Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Providence Rhode Island on Engaging Youth Through Social Ventures

 - Rebecca White, the Walter Chair of Entrepreneurship, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Director of the Entrepreneurship Center at the University of Tampa doing two sessions. One on Assessment in Entrepreneurship Education and one on Creative Idea Identification.


A series of great 15 minute Quick Stops (Ted Talk-like) from some really great folks – Since I can’t put the whole program in this message, I’ll save those for later. (But they are gonna be something!)


And this doesn’t even include all the sessions available to you through the MBA Research Conclave!


Make your plans and register now! Click here!  There is another big activity in town that weekend, so get your hotel reservations NOW. We expect the hotel to sell out.


See you there!




REVISIT the 2013 FORUM in Cleveland to see the 31st annual conference in action.


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